Brandon U predicts job cuts without grant increases

September 30, 2013

Brandon University may have to cut almost 13% of its staff and faculty in 2014-15, reports the Winnipeg Free Press. Brandon U recently submitted its budget forecast to Manitoba’s Council on Postsecondary Education (COPSE), and without an increase in provincial grants, more than 40 of 334 full-time jobs, two-thirds of them teaching positions, could be lost. To avoid mass layoffs next year, provincial operating grants must increase by 12.6% in 2014-15, and by a further 3.5% and 3.8% in the following 2 years. 2014-15 will also mark the end of faculty contracts, negotiated after the longest professor’s strike in Manitoba, lasting 45 days. Brandon U was able to avoid job cuts this year, but had to trim more than $1 million from its budget after the province dropped the promised operating grants increase of 5% to 2.5%. Winnipeg Free Press

Update: Oct 2, 2013

Correction: Brandon University President Deborah Poff has issued a statement to campus (published via the BrandonU Twitter feed) to clarify recent news reports on the university's budget. As it does every year, COPSE asked institutions to project the possible impact of frozen funding. The government has not announced such a freeze, and Poff states that a zero increase for BrandonU’s budget is not its planning assumption.  This year’s budget planning exercise will be based on a 2.5% operating increase and a 1.5% assumed increase in tuition. We apologize for repeating the misleading coverage. Brandon U Twitter