BrandonU to cut 15% of senior administration

March 19, 2018

Following the Manitoba provincial government’s announcement of a 0.9% cut in support for postsecondary institutions, Brandon University has cut nine senior administrative positions, the Brandon Sun reports. The school is also reportedly poised to raise tuition by 6.6%. According to a press release, three Associate VPs, the University Librarian, and the Dean of Graduate Studies will be amongst those cut. “As much as possible, we are insulating students from the direct impact of these unavoidable cuts,” said BrandonU Acting VP Meir Serfaty. “We are committed to providing students with a quality education and all of the supports they need to succeed.” BrandonU Inerim President Steve Robinson explained that the 6.6% tuition hike will amount to an additional $25 per class. BrandonU | Brandon Sun