Brescia profs take FRESH program to high school

April 28, 2014

2 professors in Brescia University College’s Food and Nutrition program have received $50,000 in funding from the Ontario Ministry of Education to launch a peer nutrition education program at a London high school. The FRESH program was created by Paula Dworatzek and June Matthews. Using a combination of a website, social media, and a frequent-buyer incentive program, FRESH encourages consumption of healthier options on campuses. “Young people want to learn food skills through hands-on, school-based, learning opportunities delivered by their peers. Our program can meet that need,” said Matthews. The funding comes from a provincial Healthy Eating in Secondary Schools grant program, and will provide high school students with mentoring and orientation that will help students become healthy food advocates. If successful, the FRESH program may expand to additional high schools. Brescia News Release