British parents surveyed say university is about job prospects

March 12, 2012

In a poll of 1,000 British parents with children aged 11 to 17, 60% of respondents felt children should attend university because it improved their job prospects, while a quarter of respondents felt PSE was primarily valuable for its own sake. Nearly one-third of those polled believed PSE would result in their children getting a better job, while 28% said it would lead them to having a successful career. Two-thirds of parents believed that universities prepared students for the workplace, with 31% feeling they do this well and 35% saying it was satisfactory. Nearly a quarter of respondents said universities do not prepare students well. Just over half of parents believed having a degree remained a good investment for their children, while 21% said it was not. The poll was commissioned by the New College of the Humanities, a private institution due to open in September. Times Higher Education