Brock’s new b-school dean sets sights on building school’s profile, new facility

April 29, 2013

For Don Cyr, the new dean of the Goodman School of Business at Ontario-based Brock University, raising the profile of the program and securing funding for a new building are top priorities. “Because of our fast growth, the awareness of the school and its accomplishments in research and programs is not at a level that matches where it is,” says Cyr. Initially established as a departmental program, the Goodman school now has almost 100 full-time faculty and 3,000 students. The school puts an emphasis on co-op education and service learning placements. Last fall, with a gift from Brock chancellor Ned Goodman, the school planned to push ahead with a new building. But progress has been slow, in part because of leadership changes at Queen’s Park, says Cyr. This month, the Goodman school submitted a revised proposal to the province for a $59-million building of 100,000 square feet, with a possible opening in 2016. The school has raised $24 million privately but is seeking $35 million from the province. Globe and Mail