Brock celebrates arrival of new statue

March 17, 2015

Brock University yesterday celebrated a new arrival on campus: a larger-than-life bronze sculpture of Sir Isaac Brock, weighing in at 1.5 metric tons. The sculpture was crafted by artist Danek Mozdzenski, and took a circuitous path to campus that began in an Oregon foundry last week. It was transported by truck across the US and parts of Canada, a 4,000-km journey made more complicated by the fact that the statue's height meant that its route had to be carefully coordinated to avoid any low overpasses. Students, staff, faculty, and administrators donned red and gathered in Sir Isaac Brock plaza on campus to welcome the sculpture with a special ceremony. The artwork was made possible thanks to a $1 M gift from the late David S Howes, a former chair of Brock's board of trustees. Brock News Release |