Brock professor returning to classroom after three years for sexual harassment apologizes for actions

January 10, 2019

A Brock University professor who is returning to the classroom after being disciplined for sexual harassment has apologized for his behaviour. “I regret my past behaviour, and if I could undo it, and the harm I caused, I absolutely would,” said Professor David Schimmelpenninck, adding that “over the past three years, I have worked very hard to address my problems and done everything the university has asked of me.” Students and advocates against sexual misconduct have contested Schimmelpenninck’s return to the classroom, while Brock’s Faculty Association has defended Schimmelpenninck’s right to return to teaching. CBC (ON)

PS Brock cancels professor's return

CBC reports that Brock University has cancelled the second-year history course to be taught by Schimmelpenninck. A statement issued by the university declined to comment on the specifics behind the decision. "The university takes very seriously the right of every member of the Brock community to work and study in a respectful and safe environment," the statement read, adding that "Brock will be accelerating the previously scheduled review of its Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy."

CBC |National Post