BUFA passes motion to support mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations at BrandonU

August 18, 2021
Brandon University’s faculty union has passed a motion calling for BrandonU to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for students, faculty, and staff who will be on campus. BUFA president Gautam Srivastava explained that mandating vaccines would help ensure student, staff, and faculty health and safety, and that BUFA is willing to work with the administration, even if it means the deadline for community members to receive vaccination will be later in the year. “We believe that this is a reasonable step we can take to ensure as normal a return to campus life as we can expect during the fall term,” said Srivastava, who clarified that BUFA would make exceptions for students with medical exemptions and give international students a grace period so that they could receive their shots. CBC | Brandon Sun | Global News (MB)