CÉGEPs face 2-week window to save term

April 9, 2012

In light of class boycotts in Quebec, the Fédération des cégeps sees the next 2 weeks as a turning point "if we want to finish the school year in a reasonable period," says a spokeswoman. She says it seems unavoidable that the term will have to be extended at the CÉGEPs with student strikes, especially at the schools where boycotts have lasted at least 5 weeks. The logistical challenges in doing so are mainly linked to 2 obligations: CÉGEPs must provide at least 82 days of courses and evaluation per semester, and the 2-month holiday period for instructors must fall between June 15 and September 1. It's up to the colleges to reorganize their semester and academic calendar, says a spokeswoman for Quebec's education minister. "There is no cancellation of the semester," she says, adding that students need to understand there will be night classes and additional weeks of study. Montreal Gazette