CALDO institutions launch one-stop service for Brazilian scholarship recipients

April 10, 2012

The CALDO consortium (uAlberta, uLaval, Dal, and uOttawa) have established a one-stop program-matching service to link prospective Brazilian students participating in the Science without Borders scholarship program to the CALDO university that best fits their research interests. Graduate students interested in full doctoral degree programs, in short-term visiting graduate research placements, or in postdoctoral fellowships can make inquiries at the central CALDO office, be matched, and then formally apply to the best-suited university at the same time they apply for the scholarship. Undergraduates can take classes at a CALDO institution for a year and follow up with a research internship. Undergrads apply for the scholarship first, and recipients are then matched with the best-suited CALDO institution. CALDO News