Cambridge should invest in new campus, says Conestoga president

February 21, 2012

The City of Cambridge has not contributed one cent toward the construction of a new campus there, says Conestoga College, whose president is calling on the municipality to contribute $6 million, just as it did when it contributed millions to Cambridge Memorial Hospital's expansion and to build the University of Waterloo's architecture school. Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig says the municipality's goodwill has already benefited Conestoga to the tune of more than $5 million, referencing the city's 2003 purchase of 54 hectares of land that the college bought in 2008. The mayor says Cambridge had the land appraised at $5 million in 2003, and another appraisal in 2008 set the value at over $10 million -- so that's a $5-million donation to the college, the mayor says. "It's not true. It's never been true," says Conestoga president John Tibbits, who adds that the municipality and the college were bound by a contract, so the price of the land cannot change. The mayor says the city remains ready to work with Conestoga as the campus grows. Waterloo Region Record