Camosun Innovates partners with Clemson to bring affordable housing technology to BC

May 22, 2019

Camosun Innovates at Camosun College has partnered with Clemson University and Anomura Housing Society to deploy a new affordable housing model in the capital region of British Columbia. A Camosun release states that the college is already in the first stage of the plan, building a proof-of-concept housing structure at its Interurban campus. The structure is based on Clemson-designed sim(PLY) technology, which takes a DIY approach to construction through patented 3D building technology. "Clemson University designed this amazing, sustainable, affordable, and durable ‘DIY’ technology for housing," says Jamie VanDenbossche, Associate Director of Camosun Innovates. "And right here at Camosun, we have the advanced manufacturing capabilities at Camosun Innovates to bring those designs to life—for the very first time in Canada." Camosun (BC)