Campuses move towards motorized tours

August 9, 2013

Campus tours are moving into the motorized age, as more institutions begin to use various means of shuttling visitors around the often-expansive campuses. Electric trams, golf carts, and segways are just some of the innovative ways that colleges and universities are ensuring that potential students are getting the full tour of their campuses. The University of North Texas, which had a walking tour of the 884-acre campus that is described as being “like a death march,” purchased 2 14-passenger trams that now take visitors around the campus. In Canada, Niagara College’s Niagara-on-the-Lake campus now offers segway tours in partnership with a local tour company. Visitors ride the segways through NC’s vineyards, tour the surrounding ecological sites, and finish at the visitor centre where samples of the beer and wine produced by NC are available. Chronicle of Higher Education | Niagara Bullet News