Canada’s correctional system provides education opportunities to inmates

December 8, 2015

More than three thousand inmates in Canada’s federal correctional institutions are currently participating in an educational program, according to Ian MacAlpine writing in the Kingston Whig-Standard. Michael Reid is one inmate who earned his high school diploma in prison and began taking business courses from Northern College in 2009. “I used to make decisions without even thinking. But now, with an education, I just look at life in a different perspective,” he said. However, it is becoming more difficult for inmates to earn college credentials and “virtually impossible” to earn a university degree, as access to the internet is considered a security violation. “That day will come where there’s a computer station and that guys can only log into the University of Toronto or Humber College or wherever he’s going,” said Lee McNaughton, who has taught at the Collins Bay institution for 16 years. Kingston Whig-Standard