Canada’s higher ed system again ranks third in world

May 16, 2014

Universitas 21 has released its 2014 Rankings report, which ranks national higher ed systems as opposed to individual institutions. Canada has once again come in at third place, following the US and Sweden in first and second, respectively. The rankings consider 50 countries which are ranked separately in 4 areas (Resources, Environment, Connectivity, and Output) before being ranked overall. Each area includes 24 measures in order to “create a very detailed picture of the higher education system in each country.” New this year is a separate ranking that includes the other 4 areas, but adds consideration of each country’s GDP and income levels; in this second ranking, Canada falls to 7th, with Sweden, Finland, and Denmark leading the pack. This is the third year that Universitas 21 has released national system rankings. The Chronicle of Higher Education | Full Rankings