Canada as “global pace setter” for female entrepreneurship

March 12, 2014

Startup Canada Executive Writer Barbara Balfour reports that Statistics Canada/Industry Canada data show Canada as being “a global pace setter” in women in entrepreneurship, with female business owners contributing to the creation of almost 10,000 jobs in 2011 alone. Balfour points out that women are also experimenting with innovative business models that contribute to social change. “In our research we’ve observed many women who start businesses are anxious to not just make a living, but also support a philanthropic cause they believe in,” says Catherine Elliott, a Business Professor at uOttawa’s Telfer School of Management. However, these female business leaders recognize that more work must be done to break down barriers that still exist for female entrepreneurs. “Larger businesses in Canada tend to be male-owned. Procurement regulations to work with federal government agencies are biased towards larger companies. By the very nature of these rules, women can’t access these lucrative contracts,” says Elliott. “I think we need more household names. We need to publicize our success stories more. Women still don’t see entrepreneurship as a viable career option.” Financial Post