Canada invests $25 M to create Network of Centres of Excellence for cancer research

December 16, 2014

Canada will invest $25 M over 5 years toward a new $60 M Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) dedicated to innovative cancer research. The NCE, which will be known as Biotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment, will involve a team of more than 40 researchers from 17 academic institutions working with 8 industry and 20 community partners. The team will focus on biologically based therapeutics, including oncolytic viruses, immune cells, and synthetic antibodies; this area of research, also known as immunotherapy, focuses on mobilizing the body’s natural defence mechanisms to fight cancer cells. The University of Ottawa’s John Bell will lead the initiative. “What is really unique about this funding is it allows a fantastic team of Canadian scientists to work together to develop therapeutic strategies in parallel, and then test these both alone and in combination, with the goal of finding the most effective way to help our bodies’ own defences fight cancer,” said Bell. An additional $35 M in funding has been contributed toward the project by other partners. Canada News Release | uOttawa News Release | Ottawa Hospital Research Institute News Release