Canada must keep up in the collaborative world of global science, writes Dal VP

January 15, 2016

Collaboration in global science has become a dominant concern for the 21st century, and Canada will need to do its part if it wishes to be among the world’s top research countries, writes Dalhousie University’s Vice President of Research, Martha Crago. Recent reporting from UNESCO has shown several significant trends in global science research, including “a radical shift from basic to applied science worldwide and a relative decrease in public spending on research while private spending on research and development is increasing.” However, Crago is quick to point out that Canada is moving in the opposite direction of this trend, with business investment in R&D decreasing. Canada as a whole will have to deeply consider how it will respond to these numbers moving forward, Crago suggests, and whether it will do so by investing more in R&D, pursuing more international partnerships, or some mixture of the two. University Affairs