Canada needs to expand trades training opportunities

April 9, 2014

Although the system is not suitable for a direct implementation in Canada, Germany’s vocational training system offers many areas of consideration for Canada, says Dan Kelly, President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) in a recentFinancial Post article. Kelly was a member of the delegation that recently joined Employment Minister Jason Kenney on a study tour of Germany and the UK to explore approaches to skills and vocational training in those countries. Kelly notes that Germany has a reverence for trades that doesn’t fully exist in Canada, and suggests that a change in attitude towards employment in the trades would benefit Canada. He also notes that Canada would likely not support the idea of placing children into specific training streams as early as age 11 or 12, but that increased focus in high school on vocational training “makes sense.” Kelly hopes that the provincial agreement on theCanada Job Grant will lead to the development of proper workplace training programs and that “provinces will soften their attachment to the status quo and borrow from experience elsewhere to build a training culture in Canada.” Financial Post