Canada offers funds for French education, could support 95% of UAlberta’s CSJ through funding

August 13, 2021
Through a fund for minority language postsecondary education, the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Official Languages has reportedly offered to pay 95% of the University of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean’s costs for the next year. The Ministry would provide 75% in the following year and 50% for the third year. The Government of Alberta would be required to apply for the funding, reports the Edmonton Journal, but AB did not “immediately commit” to it on Wednesday. Taylor Hides, press secretary to the Minister of Advanced Education, said that AB will review the funding program and “make a decision in the best interest of Albertans.” “The premier has a decision to make. He either accepts this generous funding agreement or he reveals his intention to dismantle Campus Saint-Jean,” said federal NDP MP for Edmonton-Strathcona Heather McPherson. Edmonton Journal | Radio Canada (AB)