Canada, QC invest in 176 infrastructure projects at QC postsecondary institutions

July 12, 2021
The Governments of Canada and Quebec have announced that they will be investing in 176 infrastructure projects to improve QC postsecondary institutions. Canada will be investing $144.3M in the projects through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, and QC will contribute over $75.7M in the projects, which will focus on sustainability, eco-efficiency, and well-being. Projects include building maintenance; improving electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems; and repair work on cégep sports facilities. “Higher education is a priority for our government and it will play a vital role in economic recovery,” said Danielle McCann, QC Minister of Higher Education. “We must provide a healthy and safe environment for students and I would like to underline our joint efforts for the improvement of facilities and higher education institutions.” Canada (QC)