Canada "treads water" in areas of science, technology and innovation

May 22, 2013

On May 21, Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation Council (STIC) released their major report on the performance of the nation in areas of STI. Labelling Canada a mid-level performer, the report gives 5 key indicators for strategic areas of improvement, 2 of which weigh heavily on PSE in Canada: higher education expenditures on research and development (HERD) as a share of GDP, and science and engineering doctoral degrees granted per 100,000 population. The report does note that Canada has improved in regard to the science and engineering doctoral degrees category, but in order to move into the top 5 performing countries, improvements must continue to be made. In 2010, Canada sat at 15th position in this category; however, this was a 48.7% growth (science) and 38.6% growth (engineering) from 2006-2010. STIC News Release | STIC Report