Canada urged to enhance model of small, undergraduate-oriented university

December 11, 2009

In a Web-exclusive commentary on the Globe and Mail's website, the presidents of Mount Allison, Bishop's U, Acadia, and StFX weigh in on the emerging debate on undergraduate education in Canada. The presidents state that students who arrive at university with a less defined career path have the most to gain from a small, primarily undergraduate university, whose priorities include first-rate teaching in small classes and a caring community that encourages students to achieve their full potential. Despite positive feedback from students who attend such a school, this model is rare in Canada, which the presidents say is because the country's university funding model is based on the number of enrolled students. While Canada needs more small universities, a funding model must be in place to sustain them. The presidents write that Canada must emerge from this debate with a model of PSE that "enhances the undergraduate experience and gives each university the freedom and resources to excel at what it does best." Globe and Mail