Canadian business schools take leadership courses online due to COVID-19

November 16, 2020

Canada’s business schools have creatively rethought leadership courses which would normally be offered in person. The University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business’ leadership retreat went virtual with pre-recorded lectures, instructional videos, and Zoom sessions. Memorial University’s business administration faculty created a multimedia resource for MBA students to use on a consulting project that had previously been out-of-classroom. Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business’s “Fit to Lead” program went virtual, with online workouts and health sessions. Western University launched a virtual trip which promoted online collaboration and allowed students to demonstrate abilities in basic Portuguese and Spanish over Zoom. “It will never replicate the actual experience, but at least we have invested in technology to give students a feel for it,” said Lucas Monzani, Ivey assistant professor and trip organizer. The Globe and Mail (National)