Canadian education brand lacking in details, report finds

October 31, 2012

Canada's education brand -- "Imagine Education au/in Canada" -- is failing to attract international students, according a report prepared for the federal government. Prospective students, parents, and university educational advisors in Brazil, China, and India were surveyed to gather feedback about the brand, which launched in 2008. The report found that, aside from Brazilian participants interested in language studies and one Brazilian education advisor, "Canada is not a top-of-mind destination for foreign study for participants of any of the three countries." Participants were unaware of Canada's "world-class educational establishments," aside from a few mentions of uToronto. The report says "Imagine" still lacks a specific national brand. Participants said the brand lacked details about university rankings, top programs, famous or successful individuals with Canadian credentials, and Canadian institutions in scientific journals or the media. The report suggests several improvements to promoting Canada as a study destination: increased advertising for Canada's advanced scientific research; adding English and French support for foreign students who wish to learn either language; using successful Canadian personalities in marketing; and pursuing a more aggressive approach to recruitment through social media. iPolitics