Canadian institutions integrating business education into variety of programs

September 23, 2014

An article in Maclean’s reports on the increasing tendency in Canadian PSE to integrate elements of business education into a wide range of non-business programs. The article highlights programs including the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science Technology program at York University, the Creative Industries program at Ryerson University, and the joint major in business and the environment at Simon Fraser University. “I think students are aware that 4 years down the line, there are going to be a lot of jobs that we haven’t even heard of yet. They’re aware of the rapid change in employment sectors; they’re aware they may have to create their own jobs,” said Ira Levine, the founding Director of the Ryerson program. “The idea is that, fully sensitized to each other, we could help each other overcome that traditional gap between what we sometimes call the suits … and creative.” McGill University offers a course on “The Business of Music” that similarly works to tear down the wall between art and business. “Many musicians can make a life out of their music. It’s just a matter of knowing the environment and how to do it well,” said course professor Jui Ramaprasad. Maclean’s