Canadian institutions make changes to frosh week programming

August 28, 2014

Canadian PSE institutions are making changes to their orientation programming in response to last year’s controversies. Following the University of British Columbia’s recently announced changes, Saint Mary’s University has said that it has revised its own frosh week programming in response to last year’s revelation of an inflammatory chant that endorsed non-consensual sex with underage women. The university has introduced a new vetting and training process for Welcome Week leaders, which includes sessions on diversity, mental health, alcohol, and sexual consent. Dalhousie University’s student union is also adapting its orientation week programming. “We, basically, have adapted our training to include a lot of things around sexual assault, sexual harassment prevention. Consent is a huge portion of what we’re going to be covering for first-year students, as well as our leaders,” said Danny Shanahan, Executive Vice-President of the student union. Western University runs a dry event, and requires orientation leaders to sign a contract that says they will abstain from alcohol, illegal drugs, and activities that may “negatively portray academics” at the institution. National Post | CBC News