Canadian institutions replace frosh week hazing with service, volunteerism

September 17, 2014

PSE institutions across Canada are moving away from frosh hazing and other such activities and are working to build traditions that foster strong connections between students, their institutions, and their communities. At Renaissance College at the University of New Brunswick, students participate in volunteer excursions. These include camping trips, during which students clean up trails and pathways and learn from local First Nations leaders. Students today “want more involvement, more hands-on engagement,” said Sarah King, who teaches civic engagement at Renaissance College. The service-oriented excursions, King said, “help us see that we’re bigger than our own little world.” This year, 60 PSE campuses participated in Shinerama events, raising money for cystic fibrosis research. Mount Royal University, meanwhile, offers students a calendar of volunteer events and a campus services showcase to help integrate students into the university community.