Canadian law students engage in “research-a-thon” to support refugees refused by US

February 7, 2017

Students from all of Canada’s 22 law schools have begun working on how Canadian law can be used to support refugees turned away by the United States. The Canadian Press reports that between 300 and 500 law students from across the country worked in four-hour shifts this weekend to conduct legal research as part of a “research-a-thon,” with the ultimate goal of gathering information for the Canadian Council for Refugees to help support a potential legal challenge to the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement. “What was fascinating was to see how fast people mobilized around this,” said Pearl Eliadis, a Montreal human rights lawyer who teaches at McGill University. “There has been this amazing coalescing of lawyers, advocates, scholars around what is manifestly a deeply troubling development in international law and in Canada’s relationship with the United States.” Montreal Gazette | CBC | iPolitics (CP)