Canadian post-docs face low pay, unclear job status, skills training/career mismatch

October 2, 2013

A new report released this week by the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS) and Mitacs, a not-for-profit organization that supports industry-university research involving graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, has discovered that although 77% of postdocs are completely or somewhat satisfied with their research resources, facilities, and supervision, half of respondents report having no exposure to non-academic career opportunities. Slightly more than 50% receive no training in essential skills needed for industry careers. As well, many postdocs feel they are undercompensated, with two-thirds earning less than $45,000 per year, and say they experience a wide array of classifications, from student to employee to independent contractor. The survey was completed by 1,830 postdocs from 130 universities, research hospitals, government labs and private companies in Canada and abroad.University Affairs | Mitacs News Release | Report