Canadian postsecondary tuition among the highest in the world, says OECD

December 8, 2015

According to data in the OECD’s newly released Education at a Glance 2015 report, the cost of Canadian postsecondary tuition is among the highest in the world. The report looked at average annual tuition, adjusted for purchasing power parity, and found that at $4,761 USD, Canada ranked fifth; the UK, US, Japan, and South Korea were the four most expensive countries. Eight countries on the list had an average tuition price of $0. While the report noted that high tuition could discourage students from entering PSE, it also noted that Canada has the highest level of total tertiary education attainment. In a recent article for the Academica Forum, Andrew Parkin questioned this narrative, showing that Canada still has room for improvement in educational attainment. Huffington Post | Full Study