Canadian PSE must focus on quality, not quantity

October 29, 2013

Canada is falling behind in knowledge creation and adoption, so we must ““recognize the value in creating world-class universities, and then find the political will and public support to change how our universities are funded,”” argues Western University President Amit Chakma in a recent National Post op-ed. Chakma looks to several 2013 university rankings, in which Canadian institutions fall behind those from other countries, as an argument for change. ““Given these standings, we need to ask some tough questions about how our university system can help Canada compete more effectively internationally,”” says Chakma. He argues that the current ““bums-in-seats”” funding model, which was designed long ago to maximize the number of educated students, fails to support excellence. ““By removing the structural barriers and focusing on quality — rather than quantity — we can build a system that will close the gaps that threaten our future prosperity,”” concludes Chakma. National Post