Canadian PSE students face overwhelming levels of stress

April 22, 2014

Canadian PSE students are lonely, stressed, and overwhelmed, according to results released by the National College Health Assessment. More than 89% of students surveyed reported feeling “overwhelmed” by their responsibilities, and 63.9% of students reported feeling “very lonely” at some point within the last year. Over half reported feeling “overwhelming anxiety” while nearly 40% said that their stress level had affected their performance at school. Perhaps most troubling, 9.5% said that they had considered suicide. Canadians aged 15 to 24 are already more likely to suffer from depression, mood, anxiety, and panic disorders. The challenges of transitioning to university can exacerbate underlying issues, and some experts also point to increased competitiveness, student debt, and a challenging job market, as well as a lack of coping skills, as contributing to the growing intensity of stress-related issues among PSE students. The Province (1) | The Province (2) | Windsor Star| Full Report