Canadian undergrads speculate about life in 2040

June 17, 2010

A recent survey of 1,581 undergrads at 19 universities has found that young people anticipate greater global change than change to Canada itself. Almost all agreed that by 2040, Alberta and Quebec would still be part of Canada, and that universal healthcare and pension plans would still exist. About two-thirds anticipate that the polar ice caps will have melted, a nuclear war will have taken place, a human will have been successfully cloned, artificial intelligence will exist, and that China will be the world’s leading superpower. At the same time, most do not expect cures for cancer or AIDS, or peace in the Middle East, in the next 30 years. Overall, the students see the Economy (43%), Healthcare (34%) and the Environment (23%) as the top issues facing Canada today.  MyCanEd News Release (PDF)