Canadian varsity athletes keep spirits up amid COVID-19 cancellations

July 14, 2020

As more than 25,000 Canadian student athletes face uncertainty following announcements of the postponement of many varsity sports for Fall 2020, players are responding with a mixture of frustration and sadness, as well as optimism and positivity. To contend with this, some individuals, teams, and organizations are trying to maintain a sense of team spirit via team Zoom meetings. Coaches are also encouraging athletes to continue their training individually where and when possible, and student athletes report pursuing new activities and ways to work out by engaging in everything from biking to books to crochet. “I get in the habit of learning sports and keeping in shape. I just love competing. I love learning new stuff. That’s what drives me,” said College Boreal student athlete Jaden Chouinard. Some student athletes also commented that institutional decisions to retain eligibility and athletic financial awards despite the cancellations has given them hope and needed support during these challenging times. Sudbury Star (Part 1) | Sudbury Star (Part 2) (ON, National)