Canadian women target change in treatment of victims on campus

October 6, 2016

Five women from across Canada are demanding a change in the way that sexual assault victims are treated on campus, reports Metro. The women—Mandi Gray, Paniz Khosroshayis, Elle Ade Kur, Glynnis Kirchmeier, and Tarrah McPherson—are tackling sexual assault on campus through a number of initiatives, including starting anti-sexual-assault organizations on campus and filing freedom of information requests against their schools. Most notably, while other human rights complaints that target campus assault and harassment have focused on assault itself, Metro reports that “McPherson, Kirchmeier and Gray are each alleging their schools directly discriminate against women through their sexual assault practices, policies and protocols.” The article goes on to discuss the implications of these efforts, stating that they “could set the new high bar for how universities handle sexual assault.” Metro