Capilano U president warns of program cuts

April 18, 2012

Capilano University president Kris Bulcroft says if the BC government moves forward with planned cuts to PSE, she will have to consider eliminating whole programs as soon as next year. Bulcroft was among 25 university and college presidents who expressed their concerns about PSE funding cuts in a February 28 letter to Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto. Bulcroft says what worries her and her counterparts most is a staged $70-million BC-wide cut to the ministry's operational grant program over the next 3 years. There has been no word from the government about what the cuts will look like at the institutional level. "If these cuts come to be, within the next year or so we'll have to start looking at closing whole programs," Bulcroft says. "It doesn't make good sense in my opinion to do across-the-board cuts. What happens is that the overall quality of the institution begins to decline." Yamamoto disputes the presidents' reading of the budget plan, stating that there is a slight increase in the grants this year to cover deferred maintenance, and that the staged cuts that follow add up to $50 million, not $70 million. North Shore News