Carleton academic staff raise concerns over private donors

August 21, 2012

The Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA) has issued an open letter to the institution's board of governors in response to concerns over agreements with private donors and corporations. CUASA states in its letter that there is a "troubling trend among Carleton's administration to act in ways that are detrimental to the reputation of our university community." On Carleton's agreement with the Riddell Family Charitable Foundation for the Graduate Program in Political Management, CUASA says it is "gravely concerned over the administration's disregard for academic freedom and quality oversight of our graduate programs. In authoring a deal that allows for the possibility that a majority of a program steering committee be from non-academic institutions, the administration has publicly demonstrated its failure to understand what a university should represent." CUASA calls on the board "to ensure that all necessary actions are taken to remedy this pattern of behaviour that is so harmful to Carleton." CUASA News Release | Letter