Carleton, Bruyère Research Institute partner on health tech

March 25, 2021
Carleton University has partnered with the Bruyère Research Institute to establish a health tech partnership. The three-year initiative will see Carleton and the Bruyère Research Institute collaborating on research focused on remote and virtual care and on applications in biomedical engineering, software, sensors, and simulators. “Together we can make a real impact on the health and wellness of Canadians,” said Rafik Goubran, Carleton’s VP (Research and International). “Our goal is to accelerate promising research, generate new opportunities for collaboration, provide experiential learning opportunities for students, and engage industry, government and community partners. In this way, we can co-create novel solutions to improve the quality of health-care delivery.” Carleton also recently announced a Certificate in IP (Intellectual Property) Strategy to help support start-ups in developing IP strategies. Carleton (1) | Carleton (2) (ON)