Carleton faculty union calls for 20+ amendments to sexual violence policy

October 21, 2016

The Carleton University Academic Staff Association has responded to a recent draft of the school’s sexual violence policy with a list of more than 20 changes it would like to see made to the policy. The Ottawa Citizen reports that most of the changes revolve around three areas: prevention, confidentiality, and representation in hearings. According to the Association, the current draft contains no clear statement of how resources for education would be allocated, and is asking that the school fund a position whose sole purpose is to address and prevent sexual violence on campus. “We managed to turn the tide on racism. We managed to turn the tide on homophobia. We can turn the tide on sexual violence,” said Dawn Moore, associate professor of law and equity chair of the faculty union. “The teachable moments are fleeting. And now we’re in one. I want my university to be getting it right.” Ottawa Citizen