CAUT to monitor effects of layoffs at RMC

April 13, 2012

The Canadian Association of University Teachers is closely monitoring a plan at Royal Military College to lay off 22 academics over the next 3 years. CAUT executive director James Turk says there is "concern over what [effect] the loss of that many positions will have." Due to federal budget cutbacks, RMC has to cut $4.5 million from its budget, resulting in layoff notices for 22 academic staff and 20 academic support staff. Turk says CAUT can work to determine 2 things: whether there are any violations to the collective agreement, and if there will be any adverse effects on students. With no overseeing body in Canada that reviews or repeals university accreditation, "the only two avenues we have are legal ones," says Turk, "through the collective agreement and public pressure." Kingston Whig-Standard