CAUT poll finds Canadians want more action to improve PSE funding

December 16, 2011

In a new poll conducted for CAUT, nearly 80% of Canadians surveyed said getting a college or university education is more important than ever, but most felt it is also becoming more difficult to pursue higher education due to rising costs. Over half of respondents said governments are not doing enough to ensure the affordability and accessibility of PSE in Canada. 57% of those polled said they would be willing to pay more taxes to support increased funding. 54% of respondents said governments should make lowering fees a top priority of PSE, followed by the creation of more student spaces (17%), hiring more instructors (11%), and spending more on research (11%). When asked what PSE institutions should do if they do not get the public funding they need, half of respondents said they should reduce administrative costs, while 15% favoured cuts to staff salaries, 14% said classes sizes should be increased, and 9% supported increased tuition fees. CAUT Bulletin | Poll Results