CBIE concerned about low rate of study abroad

September 10, 2014

While more than 260,000 international students chose to study in Canada in 2012, only about 45,000 Canadians travelled to attend school in another country. This lopsided exchange is creating what the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is calling “Canada’s global engagement challenge.” “It creates a more well-rounded and competitive society in terms of business if your students have been educated with exposure to the larger world,” said Rory Grewar, Program Director at the Irving K Barber Scholarship Society. “A generation with a global perspective is really valuable.” The CBIE and other organizations are pushing for more federal funding and support for Canadian students who wish to study abroad, to help offset financial barriers. Many Canadian students who do study elsewhere choose Western nations, with 90% of students choosing countries such as the US, UK, Australia, France, and Ireland. The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada is especially concerned with the lack of students studying in Asian countries, which could be detrimental to future efforts to capitalize on economic opportunities in Asia. The Province