CBIE urges Canada to create study-abroad scholarships

August 18, 2014

The Canadian Bureau for International Education has released the details of its pre-budget submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee. CBIE, which comprises 150 K-12 school districts, universities, colleges, institutes, and language schools, recommends that Canada offer 50,000 study-abroad scholarships to Canadian students by 2022 in order to overcome what the organization calls “Canada’s Global Engagement Challenge.” CBIE President Karen McBride said, “international education with all its benefits—leadership development, cross-cultural communication skills, second- and third-language proficiency—is a two-way street, and our students need to experience these gains.” CBIE recommends that a minimum of 10,000 awards of $1000 each be offered in 2015, ramping up to 15,000 awards to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. CBIE News Release | Full Submission