CBU defers decision on “layoff clause” to September

July 12, 2016

The board of governors at Cape Breton University has announced that it will consult with administration and union officials before making any final decisions on how it will address enrolment and revenue issues. The Cape Breton Post reports that many of the school’s stakeholders attended the board’s meeting last Friday to see whether the executives would invoke the school’s “layoff clause,” which would see the potential laying off of full-time staff and faculty. “There are only two real metrics that matter here and that’s revenues and costs,” said CBU President David Wheeler. “And a lot of those costs are in people and so we have to find creative ways to deploy people.” The Post reports that CBU’s institutional strategy focuses heavily on finding sustainable enrolments among both international and domestic students, citing figures from a project that the school recently performed with Academica Group. Cape Breton Post