CBU encourages refugees to call Cape Breton home with 10 new bursaries

November 2, 2016

Cape Breton University is offering 10 bursaries to refugees in an effort to encourage them to stay and live on Cape Breton Island. Each of the awards is valued at the price of tuition for one undergraduate program, and CBU reports that many people have shown interest. The bursaries were first proposed by the CBU Students’ Union and were approved by the school’s board of governors last week. CBU President David Wheeler says that the 10 new bursaries will be renewable for the duration of a student's initial undergraduate program, provided that students continue to meet the awards’ criteria. “Whether or not there's a six-year-old settler from Syria today who's looking forward to coming to CBU in 12 years time—which would be wonderful—or whether it's a person in their 20s or 30s who's just arrived, who is interested to study here, both will qualify,” said Wheeler. CBC