CBU highlights energy-savings initiatives

August 20, 2014

Cape Breton University’s on-site energy manager, Mohsin Khan, is helping the institution identify ways to be more energy efficient, resulting in lowered energy consumption and cost-savings. CBU has partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia on the energy-saving project. Khan is focusing on 3 areas of improvement during his one-year position, including the proposed installation of an energy management information system; the identification of areas on campus where energy is being wasted; and the upgrade of current, inefficient equipment to newer, more ​efficient models to reduce consumption. Khan’s goal is to reduce energy usage by 1.5 GWh, which would equal approximately $180,000 in savings per year. Khan is also overseeing the installation of LED lighting systems and motion detectors to further reduce energy usage. “Energy efficiency is not just upgrading equipment to more efficient models,” says Mohsin. “It is a collective effort.” CBU News