CCL report explores state of Aboriginal learning in Canada

December 9, 2009

A report released yesterday by the Canadian Council on Learning presents a unique vision of learning among Aboriginal Canadians that extends well beyond the classroom, incorporating learning from family, community, languages, traditions, and cultures. The report finds that First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis learners display higher rates of volunteerism, informal learning such as participation in social clubs, and family and community involvement than non-Aboriginal Canadians. The report also indicates that Aboriginal individuals are on equal footing with their non-Aboriginal peers when it comes to attainment rates in colleges and trade schools. The report's findings are the result of the first application of the Holistic Lifelong Learning Measurement Framework, a tool developed by CCL that incorporates over 30 statistical indicators reflecting the full range of lifelong learning for Aboriginal people. CCL News Release | Read the full report