CCPA issues recommendations to attract, keep young workers in NL

January 8, 2015

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has published a new report that examines what it describes as “clear tensions between the needs and expectations of young workers and employers’ ability to create opportunities and working environments to deal with such challenges” in Newfoundland and Labrador. In spite of recent reports that NL graduates typically stay in the province, the report notes that youth unemployment and outmigration remain significant issues. CCPA says that student debt can make it difficult for young people to accept low-wage, precarious work, deterring young people from staying in the province. Work experience requirements also remain a barrier in NL, as does a lack of clarity around the level, type, and amount of training for which employers are responsible. The report includes 10 specific recommendations for youth attraction and retention, including the reduction and elimination of tuition fees, a reconsideration of experience requirements for young workers, and the creation of provincial standards for levels of required job training. CCPA News Release | Full Report