Centre for Women in Business at MSVU receives $2.1M investment

July 11, 2019

Canada’s only university-based business development resource centre for women has received an investment of roughly $2.1M to help support the full and equal participation of women in the economy. Based at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, the Centre for Women in Business brings valuable expertise to thousands of women entrepreneurs at all stages, and to MSVU students and projects. The Centre will use the investment to deliver an intensive management program called “Greater Heights for Growth,” which will target women business owners who have built profitable businesses and are generating revenue of $1M or more. “The Federal government continues to be a key partner in the delivery of quality CWB programs in support of women entrepreneurs in our region,” said MSVU President Mary Bluechardt. “When women entrepreneurs succeed, our families, communities and entire region benefit greatly.” MSVU (NS)